STATE BUDGET: Branstad Fighting For His Way

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Gov. Terry Branstad says he’s confident House Republicans will come around to his budget ideas.

The House’s education budget is about $80 million less than what the governor had requested. In fact, Senate Democrats’ plan is closer to Branstad’s than the House plan.

Branstad says he expects to win this battle.

“I believe very much that the budget we put together is affordable and sustainable and sets the right priorities in terms of education and jobs. And we’re going to fight for that budget, we believe in that budget. We’re willing to accept some adjustments, some changes. But if you look at the history of things, generally the governor’s budget is, or something close to the governor’s budget, is usually what ends up, remember it has pass the House and the Senate by constitutional majority but it also has to have the signature of the governor to become law,” Branstad said Monday.

Branstad says there wouldn’t be a budget fight this year if the legislature passed the two-year budget he requested last year.

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