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STREET SHOOTOUT: Bullets Fired Into Homes

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A shootout in the street Monday night left three houses in Des Moines riddled with bullets.

Police say two shooters opened fire on each other just after 10:00 p.m.  It happened in the 1200 and 1300 blocks of Clark Street.  Police are still looking for the shooters.

“It sounded like the wild wild west.  It was bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,” says Pat Woods.

Woods says she could only see shadows and the flash of the guns.

“It's scary because we've got kids in this neighborhood,” she says.

Des Moines Police Sgt. Chris Scott believes it was a shootout between two unknown groups.  Several people were walking down the street when a car pulled up.

“A person exited and shot into this group.  Somebody in this group actually had a gun and they shot back,” says Scott.

Paula Garcia`s was one of three homes in the line of fire.  The gunfire missed her two sons who were home at the time.

“Yeah I am scared because this is the first time. I live here for a long time and nothing happen like that,” says Garcia.

Police don’t believe anybody inside the homes was a target.

“The whole scene is scary and I'm sure the neighborhood is shook and we're going to dedicate a lot of resources to try and figure out what's going on,” says Scott.

“It is uneasy when you think with everything going on people can get guns and walk around and just starting shooting,” says Woods.

Investigators are still determining how many shots were fired.  Police say they will need your help finding the shooters.  If you have any information, contact Des Moines police.

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