K9 KEVLAR: Police Dog Gets Protection

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Urbandale Police Officer Shane Taylor and his partner have been in some tense situations this year.  “We've been involved in a couple of burglaries in progress with suspects inside a business.”  Taylor added, “We've been involved in a home invasion where we believed the suspect inside had a gun."

Taylor’s partner is not a fellow human police officer.  His partner is a fiercely loyal German Shepard named “Sabre.”  “(Sabre) stands in front of me.  He's a shield for me.  They're very very protective dogs.”

Until recently, there hadn’t been much protecting Sabre, but now he is one of the latest beneficiaries of a non-profit group based in Colorado.  “Kevlar for K9s” raises money to purchase bullet-proof jackets for police, military, and homeland security service dogs.  100% of the money raised goes to purchase the protective clothing.  The body armor weighs about five lbs.  It is bullet-proof and stab-resistant.  Officer Taylor said, "(The jackets cost) anywhere from $850 to $1,000."

For now, Sabre is getting used to the new jacket, wearing it for 15 minutes per day, until he becomes accustomed.  "It weighs down.  (Dogs) get hot from wearing it, especially from the summers here in Iowa."  Officer Taylor says it beats the alternative of leaving his partner unprotected.  "He's part of my family.  He goes home with me.  He lives with my wife and my kids, and he's one of my best friends."

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