MURPHY’S LAW: Sad Opening Night

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Major League Baseball’s opening night in Miami started strong. We saw the gaudy new stadium and all it’s amenities.  Much of it would appear tacky anywhere else, certainly in the Midwest, but somehow it works near South Beach.

Just as we were taking in one of the all time baseball upgrades, from whatever they’re calling Dolphin Stadium these days to Marlins Stadium, the good feelings subsided.

First, Jose Feliciano puts his own spin on our National Anthem, which rarely works, and didn’t in Jose’s case. Then, the Marlins introduced the great Muhammad Ali.

It was shocking.

Ali’s health has obviously declined rapidly. The former champ looked thin, frail, and old. He shook uncontrollably from Parkinson’s. I’d like to believe that despite appearances to the contrary, somehow Ali enjoyed the moment. Unfortunately, I think many of us were left with the feeling that those close to Ali need to be more selective of his appearances and protective of his dignity.

I found it sad, not inspiring.


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