EASTER FEAST: Hope Ministries Holiday Meal.

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Holidays become a top priority for the staff at Hope Ministries, wanting to make Easter just as memorable for the homeless around Des Moines.

"Today is Easter Sunday so we want them to have a special time, they're here today because they don't have family and we're their family today,” says David Burrier of Hope Ministries.

Those in attendance say, it's nice to have a place like the "Hope Cafe" to enjoy a good meal and good fellowship.

"Hope Ministries gives us an opportunity to come in have a good meal, but above all that to be around people who have compassion, non-judgmental love and concern for the community,” says Lisa Sanford of Des Moines.

The organization served up over 1,200 meals at their facilities and to drop off locations across the metro.

Organizers say it's important especially around the holidays to make people feel special.

"Hope begins with a meal, and think about it the people that are coming here don't have anywhere else to go, they come here for the meal.  So if we can nourish them and also give them fellowship, then hopefully as they leave they're walking a little bit higher,” says Burrier.

It took over 100 volunteers to cook, serve and distribute today’s Easter feast.

Time well spent for one volunteer.

"It feels so good, I love giving my time to people in need,” says JoAnn Mackey of Des Moines.

Hope Ministries offers year round support to people in need, serving up to three meals each day.

More information is available at, http://hopeiowa.org/

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