MAPLETON MOURNS: One Year After Tornado

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Monday marks the one year anniversary of the tornado devastation in northwest Iowa.

Sunday, members in hard hit Mapleton, took time to reflect on that night.

Sarah Schmidt of Mapleton says, “As I made my way down the block, I noticed our church has been hit too but at least it was still standing,”

Gene Kaderabek, co-head elder at St. Matthew Church says, “My main concern was the church and the structure if the tornado had moved the structure in any way,”

The EF-3 tornado destroyed more than one hundred homes and businesses in Mapleton, and caused more than $250,000 worth of damage to St Matthew Church.

Some members of the congregation were also victims to the tornado’s damage.

That’s why church leaders worked hard to continue life and services the best they could to support the community when they needed it most.

The Church will hold a dedication service at 7-18 tomorrow night…the exact time the tornado touched down in Mapleton one year ago.

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