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One week ago Sunday, 22-year-old Tyler Clark headed to the library for a night of studying but the course of his senior year all changed in an instant.

Clark was skateboarding home from the library when a driver hit him at the intersection of Hayward Avenue and Chamberlain Street in Ames. The driver didn't stop at the accident scene.

Clark says, “I saw the car wheel off and I was like, whoa, are you going to coming back and help me or whatever. But I thought that for just a split second, and then I saw the other people coming up and that kind of took over that maybe I had some other injuries that were a little bit more important.”

Clark was taken to the hospital with four broken ribs, injuries to his left shoulder and his left side.

His mother was back home in Correctionville when she received a the call that her son had been injured in a hit and run accident.

The family knows the recovery will be long.

Barbara, Tyler’s mom, says, “I don't know if god had his hands around Tyler's head, but we're very lucky. He's got three to four months of healing, but we've got him."

Clark says he hopes he'll be back at 100 percent in about 3 months.

He says no matter how long the recovery takes he's determined to graduate so he can go to chiropractic school in the fall.

Ames Police need your help finding the car and the driver they believe hit Clark.

They think it's a 1998 to 2001 silver Honda Accord.

The car could have damage to the front passenger side or possibly a cracked windshield.

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