FRUIT FREEZE: Cold Damages Plants

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Farmers across the state are dealing with damage to some crops because of the cold temperatures the last two nights.

Horticulture experts with Iowa State University say the damage was limited to mostly fruit crops like apples, grapes and early cultivating strawberries.

Because of early warm weather, blooming of many fruit crops was sped up.  Now that those blooms have been exposed to a hard freeze, Paul Domoto an extension fruit specialist at ISU, says it may take a while to be able to determine how much damage has been done.

The Jasper County Winery says it will be another couple of days before they know the full extent of the damage. The winery estimates 50-to-75 percent of the tiny grapes now on the vines are likely ruined.

Though discouraging, the winery says a second set of fruit will develop in the next few weeks and the new grapes should be fine.