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FUNNY MONEY: Police Collect Bogus Bills

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A couple of guys could soon face federal charges--after police say they were making money--literally. The counterfeit bills may look real, but police say they aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

Des Moines police believe 20-year old Devin Overton and an accomplice printed up the bogus bills, then laundered them through Sears stores at Southridge and Merle Hay Malls back in March.

"Suspects came into the store, purchased 800-dollars worth of merchandise, left the store then after leaving the store as the end of business they then realized the money was counterfeit." explains Des Moines Police Detective Tarry Pote, "The next day the same two suspects went to the Sears at Southridge and returned all the merchandise that they purchased at the Merle Hay Sears.  Received cash..genuine cash for all the merchandise."

Police say the pair then tried the same scam at Dillard's in Jordan Creek Mall, but were caught.  Overton is charged with forgery and is free on bond, but police in Des Moines and West Des Moines expect more charges to be filed.  They have also contacted the US Secret Service so federal charges could also be added.