MURPHY’S LAW: Eustachy, Hellickson, Cubbie

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I don’t see Colorado State as being a big move up for Larry Eustachy. Then again, I’ve been to Hattiesburg, and I’ve been to Fort Collins. Big edge to Fort Collins.

Eustachy did something we may never see again at Iowa State, back-to-back Big 12 championships. However, he told me he didn’t enjoy all that success. Eustachy says he was drinking all the time, and felt constant pressure. He says he’s now sober nine years, and enjoying coaching, and life, much more. I wish him well with the Rams. I hope he knows the #1 Rams fan actually lives in Des Moines. I’m looking at you IceBorg.

Jeremy Hellickson says he’s fine, just startled. That will happen when you’re in the bullpen and a baseball hits you in the face. Someone yelled, “heads-up”, but Hellickson didn’t have time to get out of the way. He says the straight brim on his cap deflected the ball before it struck his cheek. I need to stop making fun of those straight brims. They’re life savers!

The Energy will have a tough time defending their NBA D-League title after dropping playoff game 1 at home. Energy G-M Chris Makris says overall, the franchise is doing better than ever after winning the 2011 title.

I love that the Celtics own the Heat.

Jenny brought Cade all the way home from Little League practice at Raccoon Valley tonight, only to learn Cade left his jacket. I walked into this during my dinner break. Before leaving, I actually asked, “How much is the coat worth because the drive will cost us $7 in gas?”  Jenny said, “It’s a Columbia”, and away we went. If you’re a parent, you’ve been there.

I have now eaten my weight in Whoppers. Thank you, Easter Bunny.

My son Colin asked me to deliver a letter to Jeriann Ritter. The envelope was sealed, and I don’t know what’s in it. I’m sure this ends in a story.

The I-Cubs rocked the Iowa Oaks uniforms Wednesday night. As throwbacks go, they’re not my favorites.

Cubbie took a line drive in the bearbelly. Good thing he has the extra padding.

Iowa offensive coordinator Greg Davis says the Hawks will run a lot of no-huddle. Hawkeye fans start the slow clap like Brubaker’s leaving the prison.