TAX TIME: Deadline Is Quickly Approaching

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If you're a tax filling procrastinator, you're not alone. The IRS estimates around 30 percent of people wait to file the week taxes are due.

That rush during the final week can lead to errors and missed deductions.

Susan Barry of Des Moines says, "First of all I encourage people to not wait till 7 days like I did, next year I say this every year I'm going to be more prepared, but get your things done talk to someone who can help you that knows what they're doing if you don't know what to do, and get them filed."

And Susan is not alone. Over at Mr. Tax of America, they've been swamped with last minute procrastinators, rushing to get their taxes filed before the April 17th deadline approaches.

Sharon McClellan of Mr. Tax of America says, "We have April that comes along and it's really busy because now the last minute rush is on, people are getting more documents in the mail, some corrected documents, so they have to correct returns, it's really busy."

If you have yet to file, professionals say it's important to make sure you have all your documents ready, including last year’s return, all 1099, W2's and any other documents you received in the mail.

They also suggest when you file, to take the time to find deductions, e-file and use direct deposit for the fasted return and if you need to file an extension do so as soon as possible.

McClellan says, "We’re starting to get a lot of requests for extensions, because you can extend getting your paper work done, but you never can extend paying the taxes that you owe."

Barry says, although she's in the same boat as millions of Americans, the stress of tacking her own taxes is too much to take, and prefers turning to a professional especially as the deadline gets closer.

Barry says, "I think if you have a lot to do, I'm a firm believer, if you're not an expert, it's better to go to the people that know what they're doing because you're going to get the most benefit and it's going to be the least stressful."