MURPHY’S LAW: Cubs, Cyclones.TV, American Reunion

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By Chris Hassel

The Cubs don’t know how to win a world series title, but they sure know how to ruin a world series celebration. After the Cardinals put on an elaborate opening day celebration of their 11th world series title, the Cubs took ’em to the woodshed. It was 9-0 before Cardinals fans got back into their seats after purchasing one of those gold encrusted uniforms. The Cubs aren’t going anywhere this year, but it was nice to put a damper on what was supposed to be such a special day for the Cards.

Anthony Rizzo continues to take care of bizzo. The I-Cubs first baseman hit two more homers, tonight, in Round Rock. He now has 5 homers in 9 games, with a batting average over .400. The I-Cubs are now 6-3, and they’re fun to watch. The problem is, much of the talent you saw in the opening home-stand may not be with them much longer.

Jeremy Hellickson has been cleared to start, Saturday, at Boston. Hellickson was hit in the side of the face with a batting practice homerun, earlier in the week. Hellboy is coming off the best start of his career. After his AL Rookie of the Year performance, in 2011, there’s no reason to think that a Cy Young award is too far out of reach.

Iowa State has announced plans for Cyclones.TV, a brand new digital network that will air live events and just about everything else Cyclone related. I wish it was a TV network and not a digital network. If you don’t have one of those fancy new internet TV’s, you’ll have to watch everything on your computer. I guess that gives me an excuse to ask the wife if we have a grand to spend on a new TV.

The Cyclones and Hawkeyes hold their annual spring games, Saturday — well, spring practice, in the case of the Hawks. Defensive lineman Dominic Alvis says he would much rather play a spring game because it would do a better job of preparing everyone for the real thing. My guess is, Kirk Ferentz will have a nice little talk with Mr. Alvis. We may never hear from him again — at least not off the field.

I saw ‘American Reunion’, this week. A lot of people said that they didn’t think it was anything special, but I loved it. Seeing the gang back together brought me back to my high school days. As a 14-year-old, I bought a ticket to Wild Wild West in hopes of sneaking in to the rated-R American Pie. It didn’t work, so I tried it 5 more times. It never worked. Luckily one of my classmates bootlegged a video tape of the movie, and I paid the ridiculous price of $15 to purchase it. Worth every penny.



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