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CRESTON RECOVERS: No Warning Before Tornado

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In Creston, the tornado hit the hospital, community college, nursing home and houses. The police chief said the 130 mph winds injured six people including one person critically. Residents say they had no warning they were right in the path of the tornado until it was right upon them.

“I don’t think anyone was ready for it. We all knew there were warnings and watches but there were no sirens,’ says Creston resident Katie Turner.

Creston City Council member Loyal Winborn says he was listening to his weather radio and had no idea he was in danger until just seconds before the tornado hit.

“We thought we had time to get our shoes on and go to the neighbor’s house next door. The next thing I knew the roof was off and it was less than 7 seconds between the weather radio and me hanging on for dear life. It was that fast. I felt a boom and the house lowered and I just knew instantly that we were going to be in trouble.

Creston’s Police Chief says Emergency Management crews, professional spotters and the National Weather Service were all going exactly what they were supposed to, the storm just came too quickly.

“The spotters did not see it. The first call we got that there was a tornado was in Creston when the hospital called and said they had been hit by a tornado.

Creston School District cancelled all classes for tomorrow.

Those displaced by the storm are welcome to stay at Southwestern Community College if they have nowhere else to stay.