HOSPITAL HELP: Des Moines Hospitals Help In Creston.

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Iowa Health and Mercy crews were called into action to help with transporting patients from Creston to hospitals in the metro.

“We filled up the vehicles as full as we could get them with nurses and paramedics and headed that way,” says Methodist EMS Coordinator, Katy Hill.

Methodist and Mercy sent down a couple dozen hospital staff and several ambulances to Creston.

Crews were on hand to transport the most critical patients from the damaged hospital to both Methodist and Mercy.

EMS staff members say they train for these types of situations, so when they’re called to help they’re ready and prepared for the worst case scenario

“It’s a pretty amazing thing to be a part of to see how everybody drops what they’re doing and starts to head that way and it’s kind of a fine line between to do whatever we can to get there and help them and yet we don’t want to add more stress to the situation,” says Hill.

Mercy and Methodist transported a little over 25 patients to their facilities from Creston.