MURPHY’S LAW: Derby Favorite, Cy’s House, Hassel Haters

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By Chris Hassel

For the second time in three years, Iowa will have a rooting interest at the Kentucky Derby. Jerry Crawford, and Donegal Racing, placed Paddy O’Prado in the Derby in 2010. This year, Dullahan will run for the roses on May 5th. Crawford says Dullahan could be the odds-on favorite to win.

Football is at its worst in the spring. I don’t know how anyone can get excited about it. We’re closer to the end of last season than we are to the beginning of next season.

I had no idea the Dodgers were 9-1. I’m sure it’s all due to the fact that Magic bought the team.

As I was walking around with Keith at Cy’s House of Trivia, Saturday night, a college-aged girl ran up to him and said, “Wow! Keith Murphy it’s so great to meet you! I see you on SoundOFF all the time!” Keith responded, “It’s nice to meet you too. This is Chris Hassel, he’s on SoundOFF too.” Her smile faded as she said, “Yeah…I know. You’re not my favorite.” If I hadn’t heard that 100 times before, I may have been insulted.

I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get to witness the severe weather that blew through Des Moines that night. I’ve always gotten a rush out of a big storm. Growing up, I wanted to be a meteorologist and chase storms. It’s dangerous, but it sure sounds thrilling.

I’ll be filling in for Keith, most of the week, on ‘Murph n Andy’. Here’s a sample of how some people react when I co-host a show:


Not sure if you heard Mondays M&A show, But that Dirty Bag Chris Hassel had a little story about ripping off the man. He was at a gas station and the clerk screwed up and gave him change for a $20 instead of a $5. His theory was that it was pay back for all the times the ” Man” screwed him over. 15 years ago when I work as a gas station clerk we were given our own cash draws and were responsible for it if it was short. So you tell that LOW LIFE, he didn’t put it to the “Man”! He just stole $15 buck from a dude making minim wage. Good thing he went to Church on Sunday I guess….BURN IN HELL CHRIS ASSEL! “

I look forward to more of these emails in the week ahead.