STORM SHOCKER: High Winds Damage Area

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The tornadoes missed the Des Moines metro, but the storm that swept through left a trail of damage in its path.

“It's pretty bad out here.  I mean, there's trees down or they're split everywhere,” says Dan Murillo.

Near tornado strength wind gusts downed trees left and right.   An uprooted tree missed his house in West Des Moines.  But not everyone had the same luck.

“It shook the house and scared them good.  At least it didn't go through completely the house,” says Darron Heathcote about the tree that fell on his house.

He isn't sure how long his roof can hold up under the tree's weight, especially with another windy night ahead.

“I'm scared of a storm coming up here soon and worried about it doing more damage and ripping the power line down,” says Heathcote.

It still looks like it's raining inside Lawn Ranger Lawn Care.

“Everything is so water logged from up above it's just seeping out of here,” says owner Mark Pederson.

The company's roof peeled off in the wind sending equipment flying everywhere.

“This is kind of a shocker and I'm just kind of a loss for words right now, but we'll get back on our feet and be up and running,” says Pederson.

The business normally helps with clean up after storms, but this time, they're the ones needing help.