THURMAN TORNADO: Storm Damage In Thurman

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One town struck hard by a tornado was Thurman, Iowa in Fremont County in far Southwest Iowa.

Channel 13's Roger Riley was in Thurman Saturday and says a there is a wide strip of
damage across that small town.

Residents say it was a miracle that no one was hurt in the small town.

According to the National Weather Service:

The tornado touched down 2 miles north of Percival Iowa and began a 10 mile long track that went through the town of Thurman, where most of the damage occurred, before lifting 1 mile south of Tabor, Iowa.

The tornado was rated EF 2 with a one half mile wide damage path along its 10 mile track.

Only minor injuries were reported in Thurman, but four truckers whose rigs were blown over on Interstate 29 in Fremont County did require hospitalization with the worst injury reported as a punctured lung.