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THE MORNING BUZZ: Brooke’s Big News and Passing of a Legend

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Good afternoon…

Jeriann keeps politely reminding me to post on the blog as we do the Noon news.  I’ll make it quick.


Nina Rasmussen resigned as head of The Des Moines Charter School.  Her time there getting the School off the ground has been difficult.  Parents have complained about the relationship and there have been a couple of closed-door meeting in the past few weeks.  the latest was last night.  Rasmussen’s resignation was announced this morning.

Look to our evening Newscasts for more on the Charter school and the resignation.


So they caught up with James Beaudrie in Chicago this morning.  His car was abandoned in Salt Lake City but e ended up in Chicago.  He tried to run but the US Marshals caught him.  Kudos to Sam Girrard…

Seriously, this is the guy accused of sexually abusing his kids.  It looks ugly…and that’s being kind.

Passing of a Legend

The News was full of tributes to Dick Clark last night.  The best story I heard was on NPR.  It highlighted the great and innovative things Clark did for TV and for Music, but it also talked about some of the criticism of Clark over his career.  He was part of a 1959 Congressional Investigation that led to rules about Pay for Play on radio.  Here’s the story.

Brooke’s Big News

So for those of you who missed it…Brooke is pregnant…if you missed that you haven’t been paying much attention…

Her really big news is that they found out it’s a girl!  I once wrote here that I’d hoped for girls once I found out Sally was Pregnant with twins. I was nervous about being a Father to Boys.  Dad’s get to be their little girl’s favorite…The Mother/Daughter relationship is…complicated.

I think it would be fair to say Brooke is feeling some of the same pressure of that Mother/daughter relationship…She’s excited…but knows her role in this little one’s life will be different than it has been for her son Evan.  As I said to Brooke this morning…this little girl is going to be in good hands…

Moms and Dads feel free to Chime in.

Have a good one


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