BULLY PROBLEM: 6-Year Old Disabled Girl Bullied

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It's a problem that seems to be getting all too common.  Last weekend, 14-year-old Kenneth Weishuhn of Northern Iowa committed suicide because he was bullied after telling people he was gay.  Now, a movie featuring a bullied Iowa teen is opening in theaters.  Still, we're hearing stories of children as young as six falling victim to bullies.

Kayleigh Randolph loves practicing her ABC's; drawing pictures;  and Hanna Montana.  What the mentally handicapped six year old doesn't like is being bullied at school by other students at Brubaker Elementary.  Last week, her mother says, another student stabbed her several times in the back with a pencil.  You can still see the marks on her back. Because of her disability, she can't say exactly who did it.

"When she came home I noticed because you kind of have to go like this to see the scratch and the mark, so I lifted it up and there was marks on her back from pencils." Kayleigh's mother, Ami McCann says.

McCann says the school is distancing her daughter from other students who may be bullying her—but she says that doesn’t address the problem.   A district spokesman says the school is looking into the allegations.

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