TAX RETURN: Branstad Made Almost $200,000

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Governor Terry Branstad released his 2011 tax return Friday.

It shows he made $190,000 last year. That’s about half of what he made as president of Des Moines University in 2010.

The governor’s salary is $116,000 and the remaining $52,000 is from a pension he collects for his initial four terms as governor.

The governor paid a little more than $24,000 in taxes. That’s a tax rate of about 18-percent.

“He’s always been pretty open with people. He’s an extremely accessible governor. I think this is just an outgrowth of his desire to be pretty much an open book to Iowans,” said the governor’s chief of staff Jeff Boeyink.

The governor donated about 13-percent of his salary to charity. The biggest recipients are Living History Farms, the Boone County Hospital Foundation, and several catholic charities.

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