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FIRST LADY VISIT: Michelle Obama Visits Iowa

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First Lady Michelle Obama addressed a crowd of hundreds Tuesday afternoon in Windsor Heights. It was her first official trip to Iowa on the 2012 campaign trail.

The First Lady's message was about Iowa’s volunteers. She thanked more than 400 supporters that showed up for their work across the state. She encouraged them to keep knocking on doors and making phone calls in support of her husband, saying in this upcoming election every vote counts.

“If you have any doubt about the difference you are making, I just want you to remember that in the end this all could come down to the last thousand people that we register to vote. And it’s important to remember that it could all come down to those last thousand folk,” said First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama addressed the crowd of supporters, calling them the core of the campaign. She said she was proud to see that all 99 counties in Iowa now had volunteers working towards President Obama's campaign.

“Understand with every door you knock on, with every call you make, with every conversation that you have I just want you to remember that this could be the one that makes the difference. Treat it that way. You could be the one that inspires someone to make their voice heard next November,” said First Lady Michelle Obama.

The first lady also talked about the issues being addressed throughout the campaign, specifically health care, jobs, and education.

250 people packed into the Colby Parks Event Center. Another 150 were outside in tents listening to the First Lady speak. Even though that group couldn't watch the speech, first lady Michelle Obama greeted them before she spoke. Afterwards, the first lady greeted her supporters inside with hugs and talked to several of them individually.

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