MALL VAULTING: It’s A New Tradition

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The Drake Relays Pole Vault at the Jordan Creek Mall is in its fourth year, and it hasn't lost its unique appeal.

Brad Taylor of West Des Moines says, "I had a friend who told me they need pictures because they've never heard of anything like this".

Maybe because it defies gravity.

"I've only seen it in a video game,” says Wyatt Harpold of Des Moines.

Brad Walker, the men's Mall Vaulting champion says, "It adds a new dimension for people to see it up close."

Perhaps it's the world class athletes who feel like kids when they come here.  It drove Walker to set a new mall record of 18’ 9 ¼”, and first timer Jen Suhr to the women's record at 15’ 7”.

Suhr says, "I was told this was fun and electrifying and it was."

It's different, and after four years everyone agrees- it's a new tradition.

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