MORNING BUZZ: Reversal, Mad Cow and Great Start

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Good Morning!

It was a great start to Drake Relays week last night in Downtown Des Moines.  The Grand Blue Mile was a huge success.  More than 3500 people came out to run, walk or just watch.  We were among the walk/runners.  I ran the course then doubled back and picked up Sally and the boys.  They were really excited to run the last hundred yards or so.  Will was so excited that he decided he wanted to do it again.

I got caught in the back of the mass of humanity trying to get across the start line.  It meant zigzagging through a crowd to try to start my run.  I still managed a respectable 7:30 for the mile.  I’m a beacon too old-fat guys everywhere…


So the West Des Moines District decided it could keep all those positions it wanted to cut. I’m confused by this process.  Like the parent we talked to last night…I wonder why this process seemed so last-minute.  Other Districts have public meetings…a few of them in fact…  I’m left to wonder whether West Des Moines had the same.  If it did…where were the parents?  If it didn’t…what were administrators thinking?


The First Lady was in Iowa last night for a Windsor Heights fundraiser, her Husband arrives this morning in Cedar Rapids.  The President used a speech in North Carolina to talk about Student Loan debt (the same subject he’ll talk about in Iowa today).  The President referenced the fact that he and his wife only paid off their student loans Eight years ago.  He failed to mention He went to Columbia and Harvard and his wife went to Princeton and Harvard.  Not exactly the most cost efficient choices.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  It just makes sense that it might take longer for that family to pay off its loans and I don’t think that’s representative of the average American Family.

Now, having said that…the idea of student loan debt isn’t lost on this father of two boys.  I want my kids to be able to go to college wherever their talents and ambitions take them…but the thought to two college tuition bills at the same time has already kept me up at night.

Iowa State’s New President has the right idea.  If Universities can raise multi-billion dollar endowments…why can’t they raise multi-billion dollar scholarship funds to help students attend?  It would have the dual effect of keeping enrollment up while continuing a funding stream to the University.


The President went on Jimmy Fallon last night and said he and Mitt Romeny have met but they’re not friends.  I’ll bet Romney isn’t pining away at home hoping for a brighter social life.  He just won five more Primaries and if there was any doubt about who the Republican Nominee…this should settle the question.

I found it telling that Rick Santorum still won’t just come out and say he supports Romney.  Even if it isn’t…that kind of hedging makes him look like this is more about him than any principle that he claims to be fighting for.

Mad Cow

Anyone want a burger?  I do.  I can’t say this makes me think twice about ordering a steak next time I’m out.  The sheer volume of beef that is raised, slaughtered, processed and packaged for consumption is mind-boggling.  If I am going to start worrying about getting sick from food…I’m also going to have to start worrying about things like crossing the street,taking an airplane…walking down the stairs…

Pass me a steak knife…

I hope you have a good day!



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