RAGBRAI FUN: Popular 70s Band Announced

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It’s been a secret around Webster City for a few weeks.  Who would be the headline act for the party the Hamilton County town would host for RAGBRAI?

On Wednesday the suspense ended when Entertainment Committee Chair Kent Bailey announced it would be 70’s mega-band, Three Dog Night. Before the announcement speculation had been swirling on the RAGBRAI on-line forum.  So much so that Kent Bailey had to read one of the posts from the website:

“Mama told me not to come, but Eli’s coming. I’ve never been to Spain, but I’ve been out in the country, and sure as I’m sitting here the show must go on. It’s easy to be hard, but try a little tenderness and celebrate with Joy to the world.

Man… I hope I hope I hope –Steve”

The post contained song lyrics from many of the band’s hit songs. Bailey said they would make Steve very happy with the announcement of Three Dog Night.  The entire community is very excited to host RAGBRAI, as its last overnight stop here was in 1980.

Three Dog Night, and a few thousand RAGBRAI riders roll into Webster City Tuesday, July 24th.

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