MURPHY’S LAW: LoLo a NoGo, Johnson’s Record Shattered, Rose Injured

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By Chris Hassel

Lolo was a no-go at the Drake Relays. I don’t know many people who were surprised she decided not to run. By the sound of it, it was a nice gesture by Lolo to even show up for the Relays. I don’t blame her for not running in 55-degree temps. I refuse to run outside when it’s below 60.

Wallace Spearmon broke one of the most prestigious records in Drake Relays history, Saturday. Spearmon ran the 200m dash in 20.02, breaking the previous record held by Olympic gold medalist, Michael Johnson. He broke the record by .03.

It was another Saturday sellout at the Relays. That makes 47 consecutive years. 14,504 people paid for tickets, Saturday. That’s amazing.

I can’t believe how far Marvin McNutt fell in the NFL Draft. The guy was thinking about coming out after his junior season, then had a career-best senior season, and wasn’t picked until the end of the 6th round. McNutt is headed to Philly to play for the Eagles. His draft stock was hurt by a sub-par 40 time. I thought he would go in the 3rd or 4th round. The Eagles got a steal. As long as McNutt can cut out the head-scratching drops, he will be a good NFL receiver.

Ironically, the Eagles were the team rumored to have signed DJK, last year. If McNutt wasn’t taken until the 193rd pick, there’s no way DJK would’ve been drafted, even if he didn’t get into trouble. Iowa’s good offensive linemen go in the first round, but its good receivers rarely ever get picked.

I feel like I’m the only NFL fan that doesn’t absolutely love the Draft. I like checking out who the Bears picked. I like seeing where the big names went. And I like to see Iowa boys make it big. But I don’t see how anyone could camp out in front of the TV for 4-6 hours, three straight days.

It’s a terrible day to be a Chicago Bulls fan (like me). Derrick Rose was one rebound and one assist away from a triple-double in Chicago’s first round win over Philly, and then the worst-case scenario unfolded. Rose went down in a heap, without being touched. It looked bad, but it couldn’t have been worse than what it actually is — a torn ACL, and MCL, in his left knee. Not only will Rose miss the rest of this season, he’ll probably miss most of next season. He may never be the same.

The stage is set for LeBron James to finally win his first NBA title. The Bulls can make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, but I doubt they can compete with the Heat without last year’s MVP.


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