CRESTON KINDNESS: Town Recovers From Tornado

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It’s been two weeks since a tornado ripped through Creston. Dozens lost their homes and belongings to the storm.

“You don't think it's going to be your house, and then it's completely gone,” said Tyler Garrett. Garrett was out of town when the storm hit. When he returned, his home and nearly everything he owned was destroyed. “You look at the building and think, just last year you spent time in there, and there's nothing left of it.”

There wasn't a lot to salvage at Tyler's home. The hardest things to come to terms with losing were the personal irreplaceable things. But then about 2 weeks later, something Tyler thought was gone forever was found 4 miles away.

“I said 'oh my gosh that's a quilt LaVerne!' And he said 'yeah.' It was just a ball of mud,” said Joyce Anderson, remembering her reaction when her husband found the quilt. At that point, it was just a basketball-sized ball of mud from the field on their property. Now that quilt looks a lot different. After Joyce washed it, she started looking for the owner.

“That night my daughter came over and I was showing it to her and there in the corner, you could just barely see, there was identification up there in light blue ink. I said oh my gosh, we know who to call!” said Anderson.

In light blue writing, the quilt said “Harriet Garrett made this quilt for Tyler Garrett." Joyce picked up a phone book and randomly picked one of the three "Garretts" listed; it was the right one. Tyler’s mom answered the phone and didn’t even bother to ask the woman’s name. She ran right over to collect the quilt. When the two women met at the door, they realized they knew each other. They used to volunteer together.

“How many people would not only try to clean it, but then try to find the owner? It was just amazing how kind she was,” said Tyler of Joyce. He said the quilt was made for him by his grandmother in 1990. And now thanks to a little act of kindness during a difficult time, the quilt means even more.