INJURED K9: Marshalltown Police Dog Recovering

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An injured member of the Marshalltown police department is in good hands.  The K9 officer is out with a back injury.  But Creasy is undergoing treatment in Ames with the hopes of returning to the force.

“I don't ever leave him behind.  I spend more time with him than my wife, my kid or anybody else.  He's home with me, he goes to work with me,” says Marshalltown Officer Kiel Stevenson.

At work, a big part of Creasy`s job is protecting his partner.  Stevenson even named him after a character in the movie, Man on Fire.

“In the movie, the guy's a bodyguard and at the end of the movie, he trades his life for his protectee’s life,” says Stevenson.

The 4 year old German Shepherd’s days of chasing down the bad guys are on hold.  Right now, the K9 needs a little help getting around following a back injury.

“It looked like he was kind of limping a little bit and when I looked closer, he was dragging his back feet,” says Stevenson.

Creasy was rushed to Iowa State Veterinary Medical Center where an MRI revealed a back injury.

“It's like a stroke, if you will, to part of the spinal cord.  So we hope with good physical therapy, we can recover some of that function,” says Dr. Karl Kraus with the Veterinary Medical Center at Iowa State.

With the help of a cart, Creasy is learning to walk again.  It could take weeks or months before he can do it on his own.  There's no way of telling what his future holds.

“He might be able to come back and just walk and not be able to perform the job functions, but he might make a 100% recovery.  I think we owe it to him as much hard work as he's put in and stuff to give him a chance to come back,” says Stevenson.

“We always hope for the best,” says Kraus.

Creasy is looking for a Hollywood ending.  He is one of two K9's at the Marshalltown Police Department.