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Well slap me over the head and call me stupid this morning…everyone else has.  It’s a fun Tuesday anytime you can start it as a punching bag.

I haven’t given people a lot of reason not to.  I’ll try harder here….


Sonya did another story highlighting the shortcomings of Iowa’s Home Childcare System.  It’s been this way for years and while the regulations were beefed up a few years ago…it is still largely an unregulated system.  The bottom line from Sonya’s story is that Parents have to check and double-check a Childcare Provider’s credentials.  It also makes me feel very fortunate to have people who truly love my children caring for them when Sally and I can’t be there.


Delta Airlines did something so smart, it makes you wonder why someone hasn’t done it in the past.  They bought their own oil refinery.  I doubt they’ll lower prices as a result but the company will be making up money on the deal after the first year.

May Day

Our Floor Director Beth gave us May Day baskets today.  I am unfamiliar with the tradition. but enjoyed the popcorn.

-Occupy Iowa is going to be part of a “General Strike” to celebrate May Day.  The problem?  Unions didn’t sign on so none of those workers are going to strike and I can’t imagine a large number of any non-unionized business are going to strike either.

Here in Des Moines, the disorganization and general hilarity of the “movement” continues.  They’re holding a strike…that is going to happen after business hours so no one actually has to strike!  They would hold it during the business day but no one would show up.  There, in a nutshell is the difference between this movement and you know…an actual movement.  Very few people care enough about it to make any sacrifices.  we’re marking a day where a group of workers felt so passionately and were being so abused that they actually died for their cause.

Your opinions are always welcome…Thanks for reading and feel free to throw a few punches yourself.