MURPHY’S LAW: Tuesday Scattershots

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Paul Pierce led the Celtics to a win at Atlanta, then Tebowed. Did Pierce just come out of coma? I don’t think kids even Tebow these days.

The Bulls are done. D-O-N-E. Maybe not now, but soon.They look lost without Derrick Rose.

Miss Iowa stopped by the Murph & Andy Show today. Rebecca Hodge is new to pageants, but a friend signed her up, and she won. Rebecca’s previous role in the public eye was Hawkeye cheerleader.

I get why the Iowa High School Athletic Association wants the Duals on the eve of state wrestling: bigger crowds, more interest, expanded media coverage. Still, it doesn’t work. Any time coaches aren’t sending their best out to win, it’s too big of a flaw to overlook.

Jennie Lillis-Baranczyk just hired former Cyclone star Kelsey Bolte. I’m not sure how good Drake’s players will be this season, but the coaches can beat anyone.

The new Cy-Hawk trophy is a solid, safe choice. It’s not exciting, quirky, or memorable. That’s to be expected when something comes about from a focus group or public vote, instead of organically, like Floyd of Rosedale, or the Telelphone.