THIEF CAUGHT: Police Use Facebook To Catch Crook

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Facebook is a place where you can catch up with old friends.  But Des Moines police say they used it to catch a crook.  Cathy Smith of Des Moines is a bit of a cyber-sleuth, and she used Facebook to help police collar an accused thief.

Back in March, someone broke into the Basilica of Saint John’s Church in Des Moines and stole about $600 dollars cash and a few hundred dollars worth of gas cards that were supposed to be used for the poor. Then police got their first break in the case–someone used one of the stolen cards at a gas station just a few blocks from the church.

Police posted his picture on Facebook–and Smith recognized him and called police.  “I was at Hy-vee and I was walking in and he was walking out and I knew it was him. So I kinda followed him to his car and took down his plate number.”

The man Smith recognized told police he got the card from Eric Thompson Senior of Huxley.  Thompson is charged with exercising control over stolen property.