DOG SHOT: Drive By Shooter Hits Dog

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Mary Moore-Johnson has a problem in her neighborhood.

“Teenagers.  And they`re running around here with guns,” she says.

Mary`s not nearly as concerned about the bullet that hit her house last night as she is about the bullet that hit Sam.

She says, “So, I don`t know if they was shootin` at my house and shot him and he ran off the porch, but he dropped right down by the fire hydrant.”

That`s when Mary found the bullet wound.  She called police.  They found a shell casing.  Mary cleaned up the blood and cleaned Sam`s wound with hydrogen peroxide. But Wednesday, Sam just hasn't been himself.

Mary says a trip to the vet is a trip she can't afford.

So we made a call to the Animal Rescue League.  They teamed up with Iowa Veterinary Referral Clinic to get Sam him ex-rayed. And it's a good thing they did because in Sam's chest cavity, they discovered a trail of shrapnel.  Sam has been lying around with a piece of a bullet lodged next to his windpipe.

Sergeant Chris Scott says odds are slim police will be able to find the shooter.  But he adds that anyone who fires a bullet that hits a house is facing intimidation with a weapon charges, and in this case, he says, “Certainly.  You`d be looking at some animal cruelty type of charges.”

Mary is thankful it wasn`t any of the small children who live up and down 22nd Street.  She wonders what`s happening to the neighborhood she's called home for nearly thirty-years.

“It`s falling apart,” she says.

Sam is resting at home with some antibiotics and some pain meds.

He has an appointment to see the surgeon Thursday morning.  They will decide if it's worth taking out the fragments.

Sgt. Scott said it's still an open investigation and they can't say for certain if everyone involved has been arrested.

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