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MORNING BUZZ: Overnight storms, Camera and Korver

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Good Morning…


If you live in Boone County or Story County it sounds like the storms kind of walloped you.  I got up this morning when the lightning started up around two this morning.  I looked at radar and thought we were going to get some bad winds and rain…We got the rain but the storms seemed to lose steam just as it hit the metro…

That’s just the way it looked to me…I’m sure people in Boone and Ames would disagree about the storms losing their punch.

Hush Hush

The secret that The President was traveling to Afghanistan got out online yesterday thanks to a Afghan based News organization.  The White House used some very specific wording to misdirect the national press after a tweet went out saying the Prez was landing in Afghanistan.  The New York Post was the biggest organization to run with the news online.  The concern was that the bad guys would see the tweet or the online post that the President was in Afghanistan…and that they’d try to attack Air Force One.

There is some debate among Journalists over this being a slippery slope…letting The White House tell you when you can and can’t report the President’s movements.  I happen to think this one is a no-brainer…you do what the Secret Service says.


The Biggest Loser Finale was on last night.  We usually watch that one but just didn’t have it on the radar last night.  I still loved looking at the before and after pictures.

If you ask me, weight is becoming the new smoking.  I think people are starting to look at weight the way we look at smoking now.  You know it’s going to kill you…so if you don’t do anything about it, you’re making a choice.  We are recognizing that while a small percentage of people have genetic characteristics that handicap their weight loss…but for most of us its a choice.  Exercise, portion size, lifestyle are all things that we control…but don’t often take control of.


US Airways is in town to promote its new service to Washington DC.  Don’t look now but Des Moines  Airport is adding flight options like crazy.  Any international flight to Europe used to look like an episode of Amazing Race if you flew out of Des Moines.  Now you can take a flight to Charlotte, DC, New York, Atlanta and on to…well wherever.  The DC flight is significant because it provides competition for the existing flight.  And this all happens before Southwest starts flying out of DSM.  That has the potential to add even more competition to some significant destinations east and west.  We ran a story here a few years back saying…i people started flying out of Des Moines…the Airlines would add flights.  People started flying out of Des Moines..and you see the result.  Airlines are losing money in a lot of Cities…Des Moines Continues to put butts in seats.


The debate over speed cameras died at the Statehouse yesterday when en effort to attach it to the budget failed.  I’m glad.  Say what you want about the cameras.  i think they’ve done exactly what they are supposed to do on 235.  I can’t say the same for the mobile speed camera, but on 235, cars have slowed to the speed limit.  I generally do 65 and I am passing people in the stretch from 63rd to Polk Blvd.


We missed having Klayton Korver on the Noon News today.  He was on his way to Pella from Chicago (traffic and weather conspired to delay his arrival) where he helps his Brother…Bulls Guard Kyle Korver run the Kyle Korver Foundation.  The brothers started a clothing line.  100% of the profit goes to the foundation and helping underprivileged kids.  Here’s a link to the effort they’re putting on while Tulip Time is going on.  It’s a special fundraising effort.

Everybody Poops

So I am at the stage of my life where that phrase comes out of my mouth more often than I’d like.  We’re really trying not to stress over potty training our boys (some parent just read that and said, “Oh my God…his kids aren’t potty trained…what kind of horrible parent is he!” . To that I say, “mind your own business”).  Anyway, they’re doing pretty well with the concept of #1 but we’re having trouble with “the deuce”.  JT got most of the process down last night.  We’d just done target practice on the potty and we’re on our way to getting an overnight diaper on when he closed himself into his closet night for a little “privacy”…  He came out a moment later and said…”Dad, I pooped”.  Thank God we have wood floors.

I hope you find something more suitable in your closet today.

Have a good one


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