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MURPHY’S LAW: Wednesday Scattershots

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Junior Seau dead at 43. And by his own hand. How can that be? Seau leaves behind three kids who needed him. Suicide never makes sense to those left behind. If you know someone struggling, please pass this number along: 1-800-273-8255

Seau not only had the perfect name for a hard-hitting linebacker, he flat-out dominated games. Seau played 20 seasons, making the pro bowl in 12 of them. Former Charger teammate Tim Dwight writes in an email, “I am shocked. Junior was a delight to play with and I was always amazed how he was so good with people. It is a sad day for the NFL, its players, employees and the fans. He will be missed.” Amen.

Roger Goodell will hug a guy at the draft, and then drop an anvil on his head if he steps out of line. The Commissioner does not play around. He suspended four players for the embarrassing Saints bounty program.  Linebacker Jonathan Vilma is out for the entire season. Good. Vilma allegedly organized cash offers for injured star players, then lied about it when asked. Football is violent enough without adding intent to injure. It should not be bloodsport. This isn’t the Hunger Games.

Goodell is not only sending a message that no one can ever do this again—yes, I’m sure many got away with it—-he’s also protecting the NFL shield. If Vilma offered a cash bounty on a star player, and that player ended up paralyzed, the lawsuits could cripple the league. I wish more Commissioners had Goodell’s leadership qualities and brass boulders.

Who is Sarah Phillips? The movie Catfish offers a hint.

The Cardinals’ Carlos Beltran has more RBI in three innings tonight than Albert Pujols has the entire season.

Chicago’s Jeff Samardzija is pitching really well this season. Yes, I had to look up the spelling.

Andy Fales is at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby. His first order of business: get all the Iowa owners in one room, and make them decide if Dullahan is pronounced Doo-luh-hahn, Doo-luh-han, Dull-luh-hahn, or Dull-luh-han. The latter was the most popular choice on NBC Sports Derby Draw show, though at least one owner told the Des Moines Register’s Mark Emmert he doesn’t want “dull” associated with his horse. Anyway, Dullahan drew the five spot, which the Iowa owners cheered.

If you go to the Tulip Festival in Pella this weekend, please stop by and buy a $10 shirt from the Korvers makeshift store on the square. Kyle and Klayton donated seven thousand shirts, which normally sell for $20 to $25, and they’re donating every dollar to build a sports complex in memory of the late Blake Van Vark. The teenager from Pella died in a car accident this past February. The Korvers are good people. (To see Kyle’s clothing, and the good work it does, visit his Seer Outfitters website here.)

After Chris Hassel finished interviewing a player on the Martensdale-St. Mary’s baseball team Tuesday, the player tried to sell Chris a coupon book! I love that. We’ve bought so many of those from Roosevelt Roughriders over the years. Chris asked me if it’s worth 20 bucks. If you use it, absolutely. Worth far more. I just always forget to use it.

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