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STORM DAMAGE: Ames Residents Clean Up

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The extent of the weather damage overnight in Ames was on par with a tornado, as residents spent the day cleaning up and making repairs to the damage left behind.

Cutting down branches, picking up debris, and assessing the damage of a spring storm is what many Ames residents did today.

"It looks bad but we'll get it up and running for everyone as quick as possible,” says Mary Thompson of Ames.

This apartment complex in North Ames had part of the roof ripped off, sending shingles and debris scattered throughout the grounds.

The property manager said they were out first thing, making sure everyone was okay, and getting crews out to start picking up the mess.

"Thankfully no one was hurt, yea it's shocking, but you deal with it and make sure everyone is comfortable our residents and just try and get it cleaned up,” says Thompson.

Apartment resident Heng Woang had the ceiling in her bedroom collapse leaving a mess behind to clean up.

"I found my closet, the ceiling was off, falling off and all the dust between the ceiling and the roof come down onto my clothes,” says Woang.

Several vehicles in the parking lot also were the target of flying debris.  Several had shattered windows and significant body damage.

Nearby, neighborhoods had similar damage.

One resident said it seemed like the storm blew threw in a matter of minutes.

"We just heard the first couple of drops on the window and then in a few seconds it was heavy winds and then half our tree was in the front yard,” says Henry Streby of Ames.

Crews could be seen throughout the neighborhoods, cutting down damaged trees, loading up branches and picking up.

However, with no significant injuries throughout Ames most feel lucky it's just a day of cleaning up they have to worry about.

"It was worse this morning but still nothing hit the house, so we're happy,” says Streby.

Several people from the National Weather Service were in Ames surveying the damage to determine if Tuesday night’s storm was a tornado.

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