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Des Moines Police hope to soon put a damper on a recent spike in violent crime.

Namely, a rash of shootings.

One week ago, a teenage boy was shot in the chest near Hiatt Middle School.

Hours later, there were three drive-by shootings on the north side.

On Tuesday, a woman's dog and her house were shot by a small caliber hand-gun.

Sergeant Chris Scott says they're going back to some policing tactics with proven results.

He says, "We've used this last year too.  We used it on all sides of town.  It was very effective."

Scott says a team of six off-duty officers will canvass the Court Avenue district, this summer.  It's a partnership with the downtown community alliance to create a safe spot for entertainment.

Four more officers will be patrolling the busy downtown loop at night.

Des Moines parks will have four officers on patrol, along with additional officers at Gray's Lake and one at the Papajohn Sculpture Park.

And for the most violent crimes, the "SET" team or "Summer Enforcement Team" is comprised of eight officers who will address larger problems in specific parts of town.

Scott says, "Shootings, for example.  If we have an area of town where we have a lot of shootings, then that'll be an area where our set team will focus."

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