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MURPHY’S LAW: Thursday Scattershots

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Thursday was “Take a Supermodel to Work Day”. I forgot. Kevin Durant didn’t. Video

No team can lose in the playoffs like the Knicks. They’re the best ever. At losing.

The Big 12 made a smart move naming Bob Bowlsby the Commissioner. Bowlsby ran the Iowa athletic department for 16 years, making mostly good moves (e.g.hiring Kirk Ferentz), along with an occasional misfire (forcing out Tom Davis). Bowlsby then ran the best all-around athletic department in America, Stanford. Hawkeye fans can’t even make fun of this hire.

I don’t know many football fans who like morning kickoffs, but thanks to TV, there’s no end to 11 a.m. starts for Iowa. Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan State, and Northwestern are all pre-lunch kicks.

The Des Moines Bucs hire Green Bay’s Jon Rogger. It appears a solid choice. However, Rogger needs the Bucs ownership to back him in a way that returns winning hockey to Buccaneer Arena. It’s hard to believe the Bucs haven’t been to the playoffs for five straight seasons. At one time, that was inconceivable.

Andy tried to get to the bottom of the Dullahan name pronunciation controversy. He didn’t. The owners don’t agree. Dull-uh-hahn is most frequently spoken.

The painter at our house stopped in his tracks, stared at our dog, Loki, and then said, “Oh my gosh, it’s true. Dogs do start to look like their owners.” He thinks I look like Loki!

Loki. Not me.

I couldn’t be much more excited about the weekend. My wife, Jenny, and I are flying to Boston for Celtics vs Hawks at the Garden Friday night, then Red Sox vs Orioles at Fenway Park Saturday, back for SoundOFF Sunday.

Jenny at Fenway in 2010. Celtics colors at a Red Sox game?