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Protestors, for the most part, have the constitutional right to assemble, if I remember correctly from my high school civics class. But do they have the right to attack the media covering them? No. Hell, no. Channel 13’s Chief Photographer Mike Borland brought a story about this to our attention on Facebook. May Day protestors dressed in black assaulted a long-time news videographer in Seattle. One even hit the photographer with a wooden pole (this link has video to the attack as the photographer does what a good photographer does: he kept rolling). Who does that? And does that guy think he advances the cause by attacking the person who helps document what this group is doing? The Occupy group there denounced the attack.

Occupy Des Moines may annoy some people who don’t understand their staged events to draw attention to their cause. But I’m not aware that they have ever assaulted a member of the media covering their event, or anyone else for that matter. They peacefully work with police at events. There is usually very little drama and no violence at all. Perhaps, Seattle could learn a little something from Des Moines.

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