LINCOLN DINNER: Health Care On GOP plates

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Iowa Republicans say they have the momentum to beat President Barack Obama in November. Saturday night, they gathered at the annual Lincoln Dinner to talk about how the current president far overreached his power by signing the Federal Health Care Bill into law.

“This has never happened in the history of our country. It never happened when we were colonists boycotting British goods. They didn't order us to buy goods and that was King George and parliament, who we rebelled against. But the President he thinks he can do that,” says Virginia State’s Attorney Ken Cuccinelli.

Nearly 400 Iowa Republicans gathered in the brand new ballroom at Veteran's Memorial to hear Cuccinelli speak. Cuccinelli is the first Attorney General to file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Federal Health Care Bill. Cuccinelli is in Iowa to encourage Iowa republicans to stay engaged. He calls this election "the most important in their lifetime." Iowa republicans say they're not only engaged, but gaining momentum. This week, registered Iowa Republicans outnumbered registered Democrats for the first time in six years. There are currently 8,000 more Republicans than Democrats.

However, Democrats say Iowa is a swing state, and they are determined to win over the people who they say really matter in the election: independents.

“As always the Independent no party voters dominate registration in Iowa, which proves it's a swing state come and will come down to who is able to win Independent voters will win Iowa,” says Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Norm Sterzenbach.

Last year, the Lincoln Dinner was canceled. Donald Trump committed to speaking in Iowa, then pulled out of the presidential race and canceled. When then Republican Party of Iowa Chairman scolded him, Trump offered to speak. However, the Republican Party said they had "moved on."