MARKETS START: Downtown Market Kicks Off

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Saturday kicked off the start of the Downtown Farmers' Market and people flooded the vendors to check out the new products, fresh fruits and veggies, and sample all the food.

"I just think it's really fun-it's a fun activity to do on the weekend,” says Molly Gillespie of Ames.

This year the mild winter means opening day is full of more fresh produce than in years past.

"It's been a great season and people were able to get some produce already for the very first day so this is exciting, we're getting some asparagus, onions, we're going to do some grilling later today,” says Dave Lyons of Des Moines.

At Rinehart family farms, business is booming and the fresh produce they have is weeks ahead of schedule.

"It's been a great spring starting out a lot of asparagus, came earlier so we've been picking it for two weeks, also a lot of onions and lettuce survived the winter that was unusual,” says Greg Rinehart from Rinehart Family Farms.

Event organizers say to goal of the market is to provide an outlet for residents to gather to support local businesses and farmers all in a one-stop-shop.

"The greatest thing about the farmer's market is it connects people to the community and it connects people to their food,” says Executive Director of the Downtown Farmers Market Kelly Foss.

And that's the goal of most of the farmers out here-to shake the hands of the people helping support them and their business.

"We love to come to the farmer's market to sell what we grow and we have a lot of great customers every year that come back,” says Rinehart.

This year organizers say they've added even more vendors to continue offering a wide-variety for the 40,000 people that gather along Court Avenue every Saturday morning.

"You can expect a little bit of everything at the market, everything from picking up your fresh produce and greens, the meats and cheeses, our farmers are driving in from all over the state of Iowa to bring us great food,” says Foss.

The Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market runs every Saturday from 7-12 through October in the Court Avenue District.