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MURPHY’S LAW: Derby, Danny, Kirby

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Jerry Crawford told Andy Fales, Friday, that Dullahan was a ‘closer’. He was right. The Iowa-owned horse looked to be a non-factor, until the final 300 yards, when he shot to the outside and nearly caught the leaders. Had the race been 50 yards longer, Dullahan would’ve probably won. Instead, he settles for third — the second straight third-place finish for Crawford and company at the Derby. Paddy O’Prado in 2010. Dullahan in 2012.

Now we’ll have to wait and see if Donegal Racing will run Dullahan in the Preakness. Paddy ran in the Preakness, but not the Belmont, in 2010.

It’s too bad Dullahan didn’t get it done, but you couldn’t ask for a more fitting winner on Cinco de Mayo than ‘I’ll Have Another’.

The Kentucky Derby pre-race show is second only to the Super Bowl in length. Three hours of programming for two minutes of racing. That’s quite the analysis-to-racing ratio.

Keith is tweeting up a storm at Fenway Park. He tweeted a picture of a dude that he says looks just like me. I must admit, I’m flattered every time Keith or Andy say I look like another human. Most of the time I get compared to muppets.

Dan Winters is wearing flip-flops today. It’s amazing how loud flip-flops can be in a quiet newsroom, especially when you walk back and forth from the coffee machine as much as Danny boy does.

My wife got a pedicure today. She said she was sitting next to an unknown Iowa State kicker — who was also getting a pedi. I pressed her further, in hopes of finding out who it was. She said he was a junior. Then I asked her if she was sure he was a kicker, or actually a punter. She said he was a punter. I sent her a picture of the only punter on ISU’s roster, Kirby Van Der Kamp —- BINGO! I guess when you’re a punter, you take real pride in keeping your feet nice and pretty.

Kirby “Pretty Feet” Van Der Kamp

Joakim Noah will likely sit out game 4 of the Bulls-Sixers series. So much for my prediction of a Bulls-Heat Eastern Conference Finals. You can’t expect a team to do much without the league MVP, and one of the best defensive players in the NBA.