SOUNDOFF VIDEO: I Think 5/6/12

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Time for I think...



I think if the Kentucky Derby was 50 yards longer, Dullahan would be draped in roses, and we'd be talking about a possible run at a triple crown.

Bryan Lahair

Former I-Cub Bryan Lahair is having an all-star season for the Cubs.

Lahair is batting .395. That tops in the National League.  And his 7 homers ranks 4th in the league.

Not bad for a 39th round draft pick that spent 10 years in the minors.

Kirby Van Der Kamp

Got a text from the wife, Saturday...  She was getting a pedicure at Helen's nails, in West Des Moines, and next to her was Iowa State punter Kirby Van Der Kamp.

Ok, I get that he's a punter and he wants to keep his feet nice... but he was also getting a manicure... a "mani-pedi" as they call it.

Punters have enough of a stigma to overcome on a football team as it is.  Kirby's got no chance.

CyHawk Trophy

The new Cy-Hawk is better than the Pewter family... And that's about all there is to say...

Ricky Fowler

Rickie Fowler needs to get rid of that ridiculous looking goatee.  There's nothing worse than a baby-faced youngster with facial hair.  He looks like a munchkin from wizard of oz.


And co-workers have been known to do some crazy things at the workplace, but what I saw earlier this weekend may take the cake.

As I was entering the work restroom, a co-worker passed me with something protruding from his mouth.

As he passed me, I figured out it was a Twinkie!  He was eating a Twinkie in the bathroom.  Or at least I hope it was a Twinkie.



I don't think anyone ever did agree on how to say Dullahan's name, but no one could argue that he ran his butt off after being forced five wide in the final turn. Third place is impressive.

Donegal Racing

But I don't think it's enough for the Donegal Racing partners. There are at least 21 of them and that number could keep growing. They've got the Derby bug and more horses on the way.

Churchill Downs

I think I'm so glad I got to cover one more Run For the Roses... two years ago, the weather was lousy for most of the day, whereas yesterday was beautiful. Churchill Downs is a vision on a sunny day.

Derby Fashion

And the people in their richest, wildest, preppiest fashions make the Crayola box of 64 look like a bag of gravel. A red-checkered suit? Bright yellow pants? A hat the width of a shot put circle? Oh yeah! Nothing is over the top, heck, there is no top!

Steve Buttleman

The whole country hears bugler, Steve Buttleman call everyone to the race. The Iowa native is the most famous bugler in the world and says there's really only one track he's still got on his bucket list….

Prairie Meadows

Prairie Meadows. He told me he'd really like to place in front of his family and friends. So alright, Prairie Meadows, there's your cue.


On Friday, I watched a jockey get flipped off a horse at forty miles an hour, get run over and then somehow, manage to pull himself up onto a stretcher. It reminded me that these people might be some of the toughest athletes in the world, and maybe the most underrated.

Mint Julep

But now the mint julep...eeehhh...I'm gonna call that a little overrated. All I wanted was one made from scratch, but all they served was the Early Times pre-made variety that basically reduces a skilled bartender to a gas station side fountain.