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YOUNG WORKERS: Fewer Summer Paychecks

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Work can be hard to find for young job seekers.  The number of workers between 16 and 19 has hit record lows.  Only 25% of teenagers are holding down a job, according to the Bureau of Labor.

Kelsey Campbell is one of them.   She works part-time at Smokey Row.

“I wanted money to buy stuff plus I pay for my own college so I've been working and saving for college too,” says the high school senior.

Officials say nearly twice as many teenagers collected a paycheck in 1990.  The Department of Labor says fewer jobs are available to teenagers and many younger workers are competing with unemployed adults.

“It was surprising to hear the statistic was so low,” says Beth Carlson, a mother of two.  “I don't know how many jobs are out there for kids that age and what's available for them.”

But so far, Campbell says she and her friends haven’t had any trouble finding summer jobs.

“I think it's good experience for when I'm out of college and have to find a real job,” she says.