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MURPHY’S LAW: Na, Nelson, and Phyiscal Therapy

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By Chris Hassel

Zach Johnson had a rough third round at The Players Championship, but I don’t blame him one bit. Zach struggled to a one-over 73, and it’s hard not to think Kevin Na was part of the reason. Na was fighting with his own mind the entire round. The guy was standing over the ball for 20 and 30 seconds at a time before pulling the trigger. Then, Na did something I have never seen before. He went into his back-swing, and in that split-second he decided he couldn’t hit the ball, so he purposely swung over the ball, and missed. Amazingly, Na is leading after three rounds. If he ends up winning golf’s 5th major, the average round of golf will go from 4-hours, to 7-hours in the near future. Kids everyone will start imitating him.

Na is also the guy that carded a 16 on a par-4 at the Texas Open, in 2011.

Doug McDermott tweets that he schedules his daily life around the NBA Playoffs. My suggestion to him: Don’t get married. While my Bulls were involved in a do-or-die game 6 against Philly, I was stuck in the movie, “Five-Year Engagement” with the wife. Insult to injury. 

So, LeBron James was quoted as saying he wouldn’t consider the season a complete failure if the Heat don’t win an NBA title? What?! Give me a break. There is absolutely no excuse for the Heat to fall short, this season. It’s sitting right there on a silver platter. LeBron’s third MVP doesn’t mean anything unless he finally wins his first NBA championship.

50 years after leaving the Hawkeye basketball team for the NBA, Don Nelson has his college degree. The 71-year-old received the award at Carver Hawkeye Arena. Nelson is so old, Carver Hawkeye Arena was still 18 years away from being built when he left Iowa. Carver is 30 years old!

There are a pair of game seven’s on the schedule tonight. The Lakers and Nuggets in the NBA, and the Caps and Rangers in the NHL. Nuthin’ better than game 7.

I attended a physical therapy session for the first time in my life, Friday. I have a strained hamstring. My first session was fantastic. The doc put lotion all over my leg and massaged it for 45 minutes. I’m thinking about hurting my back next. I kind of like having a legitimate excuse to avoid working out.

I just received a text message from a random number. The text reads as follows: “You’ve won a $1,000 REWARD CARD from VISA. Claim it now at http://www.wmartcert.com”. Should I click? What do you think will happen? I’m clicking. ———— Dang. It’s just a virus.


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