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The Thunder put the Lakers on notice Monday night: man-up, or get swept away.

The Cubs are not a good baseball team, but at least they play hard. The Cubs are also at their best against the Cardinals. That’ll do for this year.

Travis Pastrana will race twice at Iowa Speedway this weekend. I’d be more interested if he jumped over the Speedway, but this will do.

If you’re into racing, be sure to check out the new fast track report from Chris Hassel, Chris Williams, and Andy Hamilton. You’ll find the video under the sports tab. It’s a five-minute preview of a big NASCAR weekend at the Iowa Speedway.

The Big 12 has gone from being raided to potential raider. After so many people danced on the conference’s grave, before the body was dead, I’m sure it feels good. However, I’m not buying FSU to the Big 12, just as I didn’t buy Texas to the Pac 12.

Iowa will play Virginia Tech in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Yawn. Better than Central Arkansas Northwest University State though.

Howard Stern makes America’s Got Talent much more interesting.

My wife’s choice for Mother’s Day dinner? Zombie Burger. This makes her more awesome, not less.

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