MURPHY’S LAW: Sunday Scattershots.

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The Avengers is a blast. I don’t think the plot makes much sense, but there are so many laughs, and so much action, who cares? It’s everything a summer popcorn movie should be. It’s an A-.

I enjoyed Avengers despite a couple who brought their crying baby, and never left the theater, and another couple who brought two toddlers, way too young for a PG 13 movie full of noise and violence. The kids yelled out questions and comments, while the baby kept crying. Several of us would have pitched in and paid for a sitter so we could enjoy the movie more. I know I should go complain to the manager, but I just can’t bring myself to do that. I realize people are just trying to have a night out.

Have you watched Celebrity Apprentice this season? It’s been batcrap crazy, and highly entertaining. I loved seeing Aubrey O’Day (whoever that is) fired almost as much as she loves herself. It’s Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken in the final. I don’t know Clay’s music, but he’s likeable. As for Arsenio, why hasn’t anyone ever given him another show? We’ve seen far less talented hosts come and go.

Can’t wait to see “Johnny Carson: American Masters”, a new documentary airing on IPTV (PBS) this week. Carson was the king of late night, and arguably the biggest television star of all time. He was also famously shy and aloof. Most intriguing of all, he retired and felt no need to re-enter the spotlight. He just took a final bow, and disappeared from the public eye.

Watching Kevin Na play golf is like watching my dad use a computer. S l o w.

Will Ferrell was good on SNL, but maybe my expectations were too high. The opening sketch as George Bush was top-notch, and Ferrell’s monologue with his mother sweet, but after that, the shows highlights were from Andy Samberg (In the Cage) and Seth Meyers (Weekend Update).

I was proud of the kids this weekend. Sometimes it seems like they don’t notice or appreciate all that’s done for them, but unprompted they wrote heartfelt mother’s day cards and notes for Jenny. It made her happier than any present could. Yes, even the sweet one I bought at Wicker and the Works. Darn kids upstaged me.




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