HOBODYSSEY: Nationwide Traveler Makes Stop In Iowa

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50 states, in 50 weeks, with just 50 dollars in his pocket, one young man is on a mission that brings him to Iowa this week.

When 26-year-old Emmett Milbank realized a career behind a desk wasn't in his future, He decided to go in a different direction, a very different direction, and it lead him on a journey from Connecticut to Hawaii in 50 weeks, hitting every state along the way, starting out with only 50 bucks.

“I’ve been using freight trains to get around and hitch hiking I use Craigslist ride share and for staying at places. I`ve stayed at 15 colleges, 6 occupy movements, I have basically just gone up to people told them my story and they`re like 'hey we have a couch',” said Milbank, “I bought this HD camera, a computer a backpack a bunch of other things with the money that I sold my car with. My dad just dropped me off at a gas station at the side of the road in Connecticut 228 days ago.”

All of the things he's seen, experienced, learned and documented are even more impressive than he expected.

“You have a lot of people saying oh how you can do that you are going to get murdered, you can’t trust strangers, but you really can trust strangers,” said Milbank.

That trust is two sided. Milbank has been let into people's lives, trusted with their homes, families, and even in some cases, their livelihood. Milbank has a theory:  “It’s an interesting story 50 states 50 bucks 50 weeks, but people want to say wow I met this guy, I gave him a sandwich, I lent him crash. I gave him a ride. They want to be a part of something,” he said.

Its' a big part of his success, and he's grateful for it, because now he's living something that started only as a unique idea, and the finish line is in sight.

“I think I have it all figured out by now. So I definitely think I`ll get to Hawaii,” said Milbank.

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