ANIMAL CRUELTY: Ames Cat Killed By Blow Dart

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An animal cruelty investigation is underway in Ames. Police say a man returned home from work to find his cat was intentionally killed with a blow dart. As police search for the shooter Animal control officers say the incident should serve as a warning to other cat owners.

The three cats at Ron Carson`s like the outdoors.  That`s just the truth.  10-year-old Star was the worst and insisted on being outside.

“I knew it was a high-risk situation for her...and I worried about her a lot.” said owner Carson.

His fears were justified.  While he was away Tuesday night Star limped home.

“I just saw the cat look like it was limping, so I was concerned that maybe it broke its leg like maybe it got hit by a car.” said neighbor Stallbaumer.

A car would have been an accident but this was a five-inch dart shot from close range with a blow gun.  Someone`s lethal toy.

“I`ve got good neighbors, but there`s people I don`t know in that direction, and that`s where the cat was coming from.” said Carson.

“Animal cruelty is one part of the story; the other is an owner who allowed his cats to roam free.  That`s a common practice but not one that`s condoned by animal welfare authorities.” said Animal Control officer Colvin.

“Well, we`d much prefer that they`re going to be inside cats.” Added Colvin.

When the Animal Rescue League finds a cat a new home, they warn the new owners of the many dangers of the outdoors...dogs, cars, and people who`d rather be cruel.

According to Animal Control in Ames, cats must be confined to an owner`s property at all times. Still, they`ll seek to find who did this, and prosecute.  For Ron Carson, it`s been a heart-breaking lesson about his own ways and those of others.

“Whoever did this, I can`t imagine knows me, doesn`t know the cat, and it`s just senseless and cruel.” said Carson.

Anyone with information about the shooting are asked to call Ames police or Animal Control.

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