Excessive Heat Warning

MURPHY’S LAW: Thursday Scattershots.

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The Heat’s in trouble. Lebron James was not good in the second half, and Dwyane Wade was even worse. The pressure will only build. Pacers lead 2-1. This will be fun to watch.

How valuable does Chris Bosh look about now?

David Stern and ABC would rather have a strike than a Pacers-Spurs finals.

If there’s been a better weather day for state track, I don’t remember it. The sun was shining bright. The IceBorg came back from Drake Stadium looking like Bob the Tomato. (Veggie Tales anyone?)

W.E. “Wini” Moranville wrote restaurant reviews for the Des Moines Register for nearly 15 years. In her picture, she was hiding behind a plate to protect her anonymity. Thursday, Moranville stopped by our radio show. She did such a great job of describing food, my mouth was watering. We asked Moranville for her top five restaurants in the Des Moines area. She said it could change at anytime, but today it was: Noah’s, Centro, Alba, Baru 66, and Star Bar. I’m hungry. And I just ate a Jimmy John’s #5.

Don’t miss the Avengers. It’s that good.

I’m going to see Van Halen Saturday night, and I don’t really even love Van Halen. My friends wanted to go, and they promise it’s a good show. I nearly passed out when I heard my ticket would cost $170. I better get to do kicks with Diamond Dave or play guitar with Eddie for that price.



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