FACEBOOK PUBLIC: Media And Local Developers

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The social media king got even bigger today by going public.

Facebook's IPO will go down as the third largest initial public offering in history and the biggest in the tech world.

And it's this valuable stock local developers want to get their hands on.

"I'm interested in buying the stock, I know the hype on it is it's really pricy and expensive the same things were being said about Google, and it was around $100 and now it's at $600, so I would definitely be interested in purchasing it,” says Senior Developer Nate Adamson.

Over at Shift Interactive producing a digital experience for their clients is number one and Facebook is a big part of that.

"We do some active digital experiences for a lot of our clients and it's a huge footprint you really can't ignore it, it's like its own continent, it's a really huge Eco-system with all the users,” says Chris Burns from Shift Interactive.

The company produces Facebook apps and other digital tools to help local and nationwide companies.

They say with Facebook going public, it adds a layer of accountability to the site that will help companies feel more comfortable incorporating the social media site into their daily business.

"I think it will add credibility to it as not just some sort of past time but really people do commerce on this site people really do make connections people do business but also they do it in a fun way that's personable also,” says Burns.

It also opens up the door for a new age group to jump on board in owning a little piece of social media history.

"The younger generation would be more op to buy it because they know about Facebook and are into it,” says Adamson.

With Friday’s IPO complete, Facebook is valued at $104-billion dollars.  That's higher than any other U.S. company on it first day of trading.

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