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MORNING BUZZ: Murder arrest, Facebook Friend, and Dentists

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Good Morning, 

I tried yesterday I really did, but I felt like I was forcing a blog out of nothing.  So I deleted what I’d written and decided I’d start over today.   Glad I did.

Murder Arrest

It doesn’t happen every day, thank goodness…but Thursday there was a double murder in Des Moines.  We are still getting details but I thought this would be a good chance to tell you a little bit how we do things in the Newsroom.  

We knew, late last night, Police took a man into custody in Winterset.  At first they told us he was a “person of interest” which doesn’t mean he’s a suspect.  Our Producer had done a little legwork and found a man had been booked into the Polk County jail for two counts of first degree murder.  Now, we could have safely put two and two together there and released the name she’d found on the jail website…We were right…and could have probably been “first”.  We decided we should wait for official word.  Better to be safe than release the name of the wrong guy.  

I think sometimes people have a picture in their head about how things make it on the news.  We’re all sitting around conjuring up the most sensational way we can deliver a story or we try to slant the news one way or another.  In reality it’s usually a few people making the decision, trying their best to decipher a complication situation.


A kid I grew up with is one of the top executives at Facebook.  He’s going to have a good day. 

We see these people on the news and don’t know anything about them.  In this case I do.  I can never quite get over the picture I have of people I grew up with…so in this case, he’s still the pre-teen kid brother of one of my best friends.  He was then, and still is, one of the smartest people I know. Scary smart and a personality to go along with it.

 I’ve also been watching a lot of the investment videos in the lead up to Facebook’s public offering.  There’s a lot of speculation about the future price and sustainability of Facebook.  I wouldn’t bet against these guys.  In part, it’s because of the guy I know from home.  He is articulating a vision of the future for Facebook that I’m not sure we understand just yet.  My point is, these aren’t a bunch of computer geeks who started a fad and feel like that’s good enough.  They seem to really believe they can change the way we interact with each other at Facebook.  They see a bigger picture and have a plan.  I think that separates them from a lot of the other tech start-ups we’ve seen.  We’ll see if they can do with the weight of Wall Street investment behind their decision-making.


So the new recommendation is that you take your kid to the Dentist within six months of their first tooth coming in?  Apparently the news hasn’t reached my dentist’s office.  They recommended three years old.  We followed that and brought the boys to the dentist starting last fall.

I have mixed feelings about this.   I think the recommendation s probably based on the increasing number of kids that have to have dental surgery because they didn’t take care of their teeth.  I understand raising awareness and starting good habits early…but in my experience, this one falls on the parents.  I think more kids would have better dental habits if parents didn’t blow it off. Brushing a two year-old’s teeth is like trying to catch a greased pig. I understand a parent who says they just don’t want to force their kid to brush…or hold them down and brush for them at the end of an already exhausting day. 

That said, you are the parent.  That’s your job.  It’s not going to scar your kid for life.  We  were given a stern talking to by the dentist and made the decision to force the issue with both boys.  It has been hard some nights but I hope it also pays off in good dental habits. 

I hope you have a great day and a great weekend.

If I see anything else this morning to add-on, I’ll do it during the Noon news so check beck this afternoon.


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